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The scanned visa approval letter/code with official red seal by Vietnam Immigration Department. If you liked this article and you would like to obtain more info pertaining to how to get visa to vietnam i implore you to visit our own internet site. I am Farhad a Bangladeshi tourist planning to visit Vietnam during mid of September from Thailand/Malaysia by air. Your visa approval letter may be issued within 30 minutes since your submission of urgent application. In addition to the documents specified in how to get visa to vietnam (1), the applicant must obtain visa approval from Vietnamese Immigration Department through his/her sponsor in Vietnam (otherwise the applicant can ask for the assistance from the Consulate General).

Thanks to Vietnam open policy to welcome foreign tourists, Portugal passport holders these days are fortunately offered two available ways to apply for Visa to Vietnam. Below is the information about Vietnam Embassies available in Switzerland and other neighboring countries. Vietnamese Visa Code or Vietnamese visa approval code is a document granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam and used for picking up the visa to Vietnam at your chosen Vietnamese embassy.

Now, the conventional process of availing Vietnam visa implies manually having the visa application done at the Embassy office and then collecting the approval certificate at a given date. Applicants must enter Vietnam at one of three international airports: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city or Danang. Since the process to obtain approval is performed by local travel agents and not the Embassy, Vietnam hasn't publicized the availability of this service, and frequently travelers don't know how to obtain a Vietnam Visa On Arrival".

This way of application is especially beneficial for those living far from the Vietnam Embassy. We would like to confirm that you are able to apply for Visa online on our website anywhere. You'll need to know your passport number and it's very important to know your exact arrival and departure dates as the visa will only be valid for 30 days from your listed arrival date.

From November 2015, British nationals who are spouses or children of Vietnamese nationals can apply for a visa exemption certificate. Time processing will take 7 days (except on holidays or weekend), then just need print the letter out and use it to get visa stamp directly at Vietnam airport. See Travelhappy's Vietnam section for lots more tips on how to make the most of your time in Vietnam, and our Packing List for Vietnam for a breakdown of what to think about bringing when you're planning your trip.

For further information about visa requirements, check with the Vietnamese Embassy in London. In case you would love to avoid such trouble mentioned above, applying for visa vietnam online on arrival is a more suitable option. Vietnam e visa service fee from $6/pp(groups), Saving your budget for with our legitimate eVisa Vietnam site. Keep your passport and other important valuables in your hotel in a safe or another secured location at all times and carry both photo and digital copies of your passport.