Greenspoon Marder Diversity Initiative

Diversity in Practice

At Greenspoon Marder, we do more than talk about diversity. We practice diversity in the workplace and community.

Recognizing that education and training are key to a firm culture in which all people and cultures are respected and valued, Greenspoon Marder invests in and requires diversity training for all attorneys, management and staff. The firm’s Diversity Awareness Training Program addresses cultural awareness and sensitivity, as well as legal issues related to discrimination and harassment.

In addition, Greenspoon Marder consistently reviews and adjusts its methods of recruitment and outreach to ensure we attract a diverse pool of top-tier legal and professional talent. This includes outreach to Florida’s preeminent law schools as well as publications that attract a diverse audience.

Internally, in an effort to keep the Greenspoon Marder Diversity Initiative top-of-mind, we strive to maintain a robust communications program for attorneys and staff, continually sharing news, events and developments related to our diversity initiatives.